BALUCHAR is a name of fashion brand. It works only for Panjabi and Kurta. BALUCHAR starts it’s journey from 29th August, 2008. It owner Mr. Shahin Chowdhury. He is well educated. He has completed MBA in Management from Jagannath University. He also completed Diploma in Fashion Department from Santa Mariam. He starts the fashion house with a hope to compete with the modern fashion in Panjabi and BALUCHAR is now the way to touch the top of the fashion world. BALUCHAR got award for 5th in EID FASHION COMPETITION 2011, Panjabi Fusion Division category arranged by SHAPTAHIK, 2000. BALUCHAR also got another award for 4th in EID FASHION COMPETITION 2011, Panjabi kha Division category ANANDABHUBAN 2012. Mr. Shahin Chowdhury dreams a dream with his brand. He hopes everybody will know about his brand and all will know exclusive Panjabi means BALUCHAR.

Note : BALUCHAR arranges a discount card. Anyone can get a card to buy one Panjabi from here. The card holder can get 12 percent discount for one year.

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